Asanja Grumeti

With only 3 Private Guest Tents, Asanja Grumeti offers complete exclusivity and wild experience. The Tents are spacious and have been designed as an inspiration from Modern Era with all Modern amenities.

Asanja Grumeti is ten minutes drive from the Grumeti river and this proximity makes it an ideal patch to spot wildlife in and around the camp. Hippos, Hyenas, Lions are a regular sight at Asanja Grumeti camp and it s pure joy to see them so close to your home. You may often spot them while enjoying your bush meals here.

Each Tent is an En suite with an outdoor Shower and a Private Verandah with exceptional land views of the Marsh. The camp leaves no footprints and offers a true safari Experience under the guidance of our staff, who strive to make your experience as comfortable as possible.